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Holidays are coming, so brands have started to present their offer of gifts to be asked / received from Santa. MNI kicked off with their Christmas gift ideas, for men, women or kids.
What are in fact these gifts? MINI-branded products, including a folding bike, a “Black Jack Watch”, toy cars, a bib, baby socks. Apparently, they have taken into account all the members of the family, regardless of age. Actually, it’s the best way to MINI-brand your entire family, so that when you go for a visit to your friends in the Christmas day, everybody to know you all are MINI’s fans, including your little one “procreation”.

The “biggest” gift suggestion is a MINI inspired by Goodwood special edition. Its cost: $52,000 in the United States. So good luck with that .

So, are you tempted to buy any of these gifts?

[Source: Worldcarfans, Photo]

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