Chrysler brand to remain in Europe, might share vehicles with Lancia

I’m sure most of you now know that Fiat is calling the shots for Chrysler, after it saved it from bankruptcy. While it has already laid out the plan for the Pentastar brand in its native USA, things have been rather sketchy in terms of its European future.

Rumors ranged from Fiat scaling back the Chrysler brand to downright eliminating it from the market. But the most recent measure, to merge Chrysler and Lancia under the same leadership of Olivier Francois, and the recent statements from Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne show that Chrysler will still be a part of the European car scene.

Unfortunately, Marchionne declined to say what will happen with the American brand, but rumors are already starting to appear, saying that Fiat will follow the same strategy GM has with Opel and Vauxhall, going as far as rebadging Lancia models like the Ypsilon and Delta with the Chrysler logo.

Nothing is for certain though, and until we hear it straight from Fiat, Chrysler’s European future is unknown.

Source: Autocar

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