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Despite its good looks, Chrysler Crossfire was never a best seller and it couldn’t attain the popularity its brother, the Mercedes SLK enjoyed. What could be the explanation for this? Well, probably the fact that it was based on the old generation SLK and in this market, of the small luxury roadsters it had some pretty good competitors, such as the BMW Z4, Audi TT and of course, the SLK. Things went really bad for the Crossfire after the new generation SLK was released and sales dropped even more.

First, the high performance SRT-6 range production was stopped and apparently the entire production will be stopped this summer. Too bad, because I think Crysler Crossfire was an alternative for the german cars(I can’t say better or worse, as I never drove one), and overall, it was an interesting car. But that’s it, life goes on. So long Crossfire!

Via motorauthority.

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