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Posted on 2-07-2008 by Ovidiu Miron

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Robert Kyiosaki announced a big economic slump. Well, the U.S. auto sales slump hit Chrysler LLC again Monday with his amplitude.

It isn’t a joke anymore! Chrysler’s officials announced plans to close one St. Louis-area factory and cut a shift from another. Woau! Do you believe this managers? I do. And do you know why? Because of declining demand for minivans and pickups! It will shutter the St. Louis South plant, which produces minivans. The St. Louis North plant, which produces full-size pickups, will be cut from two shifts!

And what about the employees? Who thinks at the fact that the minivant plant’s closure will cut 1,500 jobs? In the same time it isn’t clear if the company would ever recall the 900 workers who will be laid off at the pickup truck plant. Both factories are in Fenton, a St. Louis suburb. It’s a shocking news for that people and for their family!

Donald Trump has a special cue for this moments: “It’s nothing personal. Is just business.” And, let’s think about it. What Chrysler should do in this context? What would you do if you were in their position? Beyond doubt, it isn’t an easy decision. Chrysler President and Vice Chairman Tom LaSorda said there’s only enough minivan demand for three shifts, which the company already has running at its factory in Windsor, Ontario.

Unfortunately, this are the rules of the free market. And we have to play according them. But, remember that sky is the limit! Life still goes on.

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