Chrysler to produce 100,000 Fiat 500 in Mexico for American market |

We all know Italian automaker Fiat and North American corporation Chrysler are now partners, but up until now we’ve only been hearing about the aid that the Italians are supplying to the Americans in order to escape the tough financial situation and how Fiat will revamp the whole lineup of Chrysler in order to rival companies like Cadillac.

But it seems that Chrysler will be pulling its own weight, as reports indicate that the Fiat 500 city car will be built at the Mexico plant of the US carmaker. It seems that the two companies already have plans to build over 100,000 models, destined to hit Canada, the United States and South America. The plant will go on to operate at a capacity ranging from 104,000 to 120,000 models per year, depending on the demand that the companies will experience.

It is still unknown at what price will the Fiat 500 enter the market, but it’s a safe bet that it will be cheaper than the Mini to make a dent in its popularity, or whether or not it will be sold through Chrysler’s dealer network.

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Source: AutoEvolution

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