Chrysler to set up new dealerships for Fiat models |

Back when Italy’s Fiat Group acquired ailing US carmaker Chrysler, many believed that the European company would use the existing dealerships of the American brand to branch out, once more, into the North American market.

Now, it seems things aren’t quite so. Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed that a separate dealer network will be set up for the future American Fiat models.

Existing Chrysler dealers will be able to bid for the first 200 franchises, but they are required to make a pretty hefty investment. The company requires both separate buildings, as well as service areas.

The first Fiat model to be sold in the USA will be the 500 city car, which, given the great sales it has been achieving around the world, might become extremely popular.

Still, even if the 500 will become a best seller, we’re pretty sure not a lot of dealers will flock to invest in brand new locations and equipment, especially in these troubled times. What do you think? Share your opinion below.

Source: TheDetroitBureau via Autoblog

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