Chrysler wants to be quality leader until 2012 |

Although recent Chrysler models pleased some fans, with the mainstream market, things haven’t been the same, thanks to many quality issues. The US company knows that and before entering bankruptcy, tried to implement a new quality standard.

Now, thanks to its newest partner, Fiat, that overhaul is going to happen, with the company announcing that 200 workers will join the current quality team and thanks to some moves inside its own plants, the total head count will go up to 1,700, as opposed to last year’s 200.

The team will be led by Doug Betts, and is already showing some great results, as Chrysler has managed to reduce per-vehicle spending by a whopping $240 million and warranty spending by 30%. The many design issues that the vehicles from Chrysler were suffering have also diminished and the manufacturing plants are steadily changing in order to adopt Fiat’s building system.

But the most important change through which Chrysler has gone through is the overhaul of its departmental teams, which will be focusing on the system of a vehicle, like brakes, transmission or engine, and won’t be dedicated to a single model, like before.

This change in philosophy, as highlighted by Chrysler, will reflect in the new models it will release and, according to a very optimistic claim, will make the corporation a quality leader by 2012.

Source: Detroit News via AutoBlog

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