Chrysler will rival Cadillac, Fiat says

Chrysler is one of the companies which was really affected by the economic recession, with former owners Daimler selling it to the Italians at Fiat. Although many of its workers frowned upon this decision, it seems that Fiat has some big plans for Chrysler in the future, as it revealed that it wants the American brand to rival other big names like Cadillac or Lincoln.

This initiative is confirmed by Peter Fong, the current president of Chrysler, which revealed that the future models which will be made in partnership with Fiat are going to blow the competition away. Currently though, the only real success is the 300, as the other two big models from Chrysler, the Pacifica and Sebring haven’t really achieved that big of a success.

Either way, it’s nice to hear that Fiat has big plans with Chrysler, as many people feared that the Italians would just use the manufacturing power of the plants in North America to push more of their models in that territory.

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Source: Automarket

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