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Chrysler’s inspiring Super Bowl ad welcomes an optimistic future

Chrysler’s latest ad for this year’s edition of the Super Bowl is both inspiring and clever. If you are not new to the automotive world you probably know that the last couple of years for the U.S. industry have been very difficult. Chrysler considers that much like the halftime of the Super Bowl, the Detroit car industry is at its own half time right now and they consider that all that matters is to look forward and find a way to may it work. With a true American as symbol.

Progress has already been made if we look at the sales figures from last year. With new and exciting products launched, the car industry in Detroit and all over the world is waiting for the second half which promises to be better than the first one. Let’s hope that the people who work in this domain will not lose their jobs and everything will go back to normal as it was before the financial crisis.

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