Citroen C6 'Office' concept

Citroen and Intersection Magazine have created the Citroen C6 ‘Office’, a special concept based on the C6 Sedan model. Designed to appear in the following months, for fashion and entertainment events, the new Citroen concept was created as a “four wheels office”. Despite the completely black interior, which, by the way looks rather funerally, the C6 Office provides multiple facilities for its passengers. The concept is fitted with Kenwood audio system, Blackberry connectivity, Krug Champagne and an assortment of catering, equipped by Fauchon. The silvery decorative items are from Cristofle, and Navitec also contributed at the interior. Alcantara leather was used for the upholstery and other interior surfaces.

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Photo Gallery: Citroen C6 Office

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