Citroen hopes DS3 will attract new customers to the brand |

Citroen’s biggest upcoming launch is the new DS3 hatchback, which will take the brand into a more upscale segment, and try to tackle rivals like the Mini Cooper, Alfa Romeo MiTo or the another upcoming premium city car, the Audi A1.

But not only does Citroen hope to revive its iconic DS badge and start a whole new upmarket lineup of cars, which will be continued with the DS5 for example, it also hopes that new customers will be drawn in to the current Citroen lineup as well.

“We have the price positioning for this car to be extremely competitive against rivals like the Mini and Alfa Romeo Mito,” said Citroen UK fleet director Andy Wady. “But there’s more to the DS3 than just that. We think it will give us additional strength in the user-chooser lists by attracting a much wider range of buyers who are new to Citroen.”

Part of the French carmaker’s strategy is to offer the DS3 to fleets or rental companies, in order to get the new premium hatchback into the hands of as many people as possible, so that everyone can be convinced of the improvements Citroen has made.

Source: FleetNews via Automarket

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