Citroen promotes the new DS3 through augmented reality website |

In case you haven’t been up to date with the newest trends in advertising and promotion, know that augmented reality is the newest trend. It allows people to hold special pages in front of their webcam and reveals different types of images onto it, which can be seen on the screen. Sounds kinda weird right?

Well you just need to watch the video below showcasing a new marketing strategy for Citroen’s DS3 model. People need to visit

the website, print out a special A4 paper and hold it in front of the webcam. Magically, the screen will reveal a replica of the DS3 on the paper.

What’s more, Citroen has also devised a small driving game in which you need to hold a paper with a steering wheel in front of the webcam in order to steer the car in the game. Enjoy the video below and even try it out for yourselves.

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