Citroen to launch the DS2 model based on Revolte concept in 2012 |

One of the standout concepts presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show was Citroen’s Revolte hybrid concept, which showed in which direction compact city cars will head. Now, it seems that the French company will indeed be basing one of its upcoming vehicles on the Revolte concept, as rumors indicate that the upcoming DS2 will borrow heavily from the hybrid.

Do bear in mind that the DS2 won’t be featuring the hybrid drivetrain, as it will be offered with an assortment of fuel-efficient three-cylinder petrol engines, which will be revealed on the C3 in 2011, and also feature a 1.4-liter diesel engine.

In terms of style, it will borrow some elements, but don’t go thinking that a glass radiator grille ornament will be coming to the production model when it will appear in 2012. Until that, the new DS3 will debut next year, and also see bigger brothers like the DS4 and DS5, based on the C4 and … wait for it … C5.

Do you think that Citroen made a right call? I had a chance to see the Revolte in its concept flesh in Paris and it looked quite stylish. If the right elements will transition into production, it might just be the next big thing.

Source: Autoweek via Autoblog

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