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The protection of the environment has become a taboo subject these days and all the car companies have decided to develop new eco-friendly cars. If you are interested in one of these eco-friendly cars you must know there are a lot of different models available on the market. The only thing that you need to do it is to research and then decide which smart car it’s the best for you.

Smart cars are available in different models offering sufficient space, comfort and great speed. In my opinion, one of the most interesting choices, if you want to buy a smart car is the new 2012 Smart ForTwo Fodel Forspeed. It’s a “fly-on-your-teeth glimpse” equipped with an electric drivetrain. This smart car was revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and offers new design directions for the future small cars that will be manufactured by Daimler.

This Smart ForTwo car has a cut off roof while the glass was replaced with wind deflectors. If you have the opportunity to get inside the 2012 Smart ForTwo Fodel Forspeed you will have the feeling of being into a “sea of high-end and high-gloss white plastic” which doesn’t match with the green skin touch. This incredible smart car has interesting taillights, a plug-in socket, a toneau cover which can cover the entire car or only the passenger side and no external door handles. The headlamps and the tail lamps will be illuminated by LEDs impressing the viewers along with the incredible front grille. To complete the fancy exterior design, the Forspeed is equipped with 18 inch wheels which keep this small car attached to every ounce of road.

2012 Smart ForTwo Fodel Forspeed

The interior of this smart car is roomy and comfortable while all the instrumentation is well placed. The steering wheel is covered in leather just like the comfortable seats which make you want to drive this futuristic car. This smart also features solar cells placed in the wind deflectors which help power the car’s electronic components. On the passenger side is mounted a smartphone which can be turned up to 90 degrees. The white paint which covers the exterior of the smart car is also used in the interior and is accentuated by some green elements including the four-point seat belts and the large horizontal shelf placed under the cockpit and used as a storage space.

The 2012 Smart ForTwo Fodel Forspeed is equipped with a magneto-electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries of 16.5 kW able to produce 40 horsepower. As a result, the car can drive around 84 miles powered by its battery and it can accelerate to a maximum speed of 75 mph. This future model it’s also able to go from zero to 37 mph in only 5.5 seconds and the CO2 emissions are zero. In addition, on the center console is placed a boost button which, if pushed by the driver, offers another seven horsepower.

When it comes to driving this smart car you will be glad to know that it takes easily the corners because of its short body and the brakes offer you all the support if you have to stop the car immediately. The 2012 Smart ForTwo Fodel Forspeed is also equipped with daytime running lamps which are activated during the day and with the Citylight system based on photoelectric sensors which monitor the luminosity and if necessary automatically switch on the low-beam headlamps.

I hope that the 2012 Smart ForTwo Fodel Forspeed caught your attention and if you decide to buy a smart car you will take into consideration this incredible eco-friendly car, as well.

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