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Classic cars, just like any other vehicles, can be customized with the help of a few wisely chosen classic car accessories. That’s how your car will become the star of the next classic car show. There are many such accessories available on the market, but before opting for one of them you should check and make sure the classic car you own has a 12-volt electrical system. If it’s an older model, you will need to need to make some modifications if you fall in love with one of these accessories.

A first classic car accessory that guarantees a dramatic look is a custom car instrument. You can even find gauges that display LED lighting and allow interesting instrument layouts. You just need to make sure you choose one of the options that fits best with the original interior features of your classic car. If I got interested in this type of accessories I recommend you to visit SpeedHut or Black Car Custom, because one of the designs they sell will definitely satisfy you.

You can also think about buying a custom horn. This classic car accessory will help you make sure your car will stand out during car shows. It’s easy to find a suitable horn, because you just need to browse sites like eBay Motors or Car Cover Kingdom. The only detail you should pay attention to is the 12-volt electrical system. If your car is not equipped with such a system you won’t be able to install the horn. You can also look for stereos or iPods, because even if you own a classic car that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade it and still get to listen to your favorite songs while driving. If you want the new to blend in with the old you can decide to invest some money and ask a company like Vintage Car Radio to build you a stereo compatible with your car’s interior. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can choose to buy power and cassette adaptors that will allow you to use your iPod by connecting it to your car’s existing stereo.

Another classic car accessory you may have an interest in is a DVD Player. This is an alternative for the simpler iPod option that it’s easy to find on the market. If you are passionate about gadgets, you can also think about a navigation system, also useful if you get lost often. Considering that you would have to integrate such a modern gadget in a classic car you have two options: to buy an in dash system or a hand-held unit. The last option is great for classic cars that lack the 12-volt electrical system. There are many types of navigation system available with rechargeable batteries manufactured by well known brands such as TomTom or Garmin.

The ones who worry about the safety of their classic car can choose to buy a car alarm. Safety is an issue for most classic cars, and a car alarm will certainly help you feel more confident especially if you haven’t invested in changing the original lock system and the car’s key. In my view, this is a wise investment that you shouldn’t hesitate to make especially if you own an expensive classic car.

Last, but not least I can also mention, in the category of classic car accessories, floor mats. This is a simple way to provide your car with some character because there are many carpet specialists that sell floor mats with logos of certain car brands. These mats will also protect the interior.

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