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If you are the owner of a classic car and you interested in its market value, then a classic car blue book is all you need as long as your car is older than the late 1980s. The only necessary piece of information needed for this process is related to the place where you can find one of these books. All it takes is an opportunity to contact the Kelly Blue Book Company and from there your only task is to begin looking up the values you are interested in.

So, the first task is to find one of these classic car blue books. All you need to do is to access the Kelly Blue Book website, located at There are also some other websites that might include online pricing of classic cars, but if you want the original blue book you should consider the company’s website, where you can’t get online classic car pricing but you can order the classic car blue book.

Classic Car Blue Book

After your browser loads the Internet page, you can use the search engine available on the website in order to get directly to the section dedicated to the ordering process of a classic car blue book. All you need to do is to locate the search function in the right hand corner and type “classic car” before launching the search. A page of results will be displayed, but the first result that says “Official Kelley Blue Book Early Model Guides” is the one you are interested in. Clicking on the link will take you to another web page where you will be able to choose one of the three different types of Kelley Blue Books: the used car book, the older car and the early model book.

After choosing one of those options you should click on the link that says “Learn More” in order to fill a form with some personal information. You can choose to order the Blue Book online and you will be contacted by email or you can call the 1-800 number displayed on the page and use the phone option. In both cases you need to order the “Early Model” guide.

If you feel like the ordering and waiting process are not worth the trouble you can try finding the blue book value of your classic car on other websites. Some examples would be NADA or Edmunds. You can even check a local bookstore that might have an edition of the Early Model Blue Book available. The NADA website helps you find the value of your classic car online or in a printed format. You can choose one of the sections you are interested in (classic cars, exotic cars or collector cars) and then choose the make, the year and you will automatically get a list of models and their estimated values. But you should keep in mind that the NADA evaluations aren’t the same as those considered by a licensed dealer. That’s because the dealer’s value will be lower due to the repairs and the reconditioning process, even in the case of classic cars.

And believe it or not, banks are also a source of classic cars blue book values, because the personnel usually need the guides for the purpose of determining the value of a loan. That’s because, usually, the lender will loan you an amount that represents a certain percentage of the sale value of the car. Therefore, you can call the bank you work with and ask them to find you that necessary piece of information regarding the value of a certain classic car.

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