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Classic cars are wise investments, but if they aren’t properly insured that will possibly result in a financial loss. So, if you have found the right classic car to own, you have invested time and care in maintaining it you should now focus on investing your time and energy in finding the proper classic car insurance company.

Classic car insurance companies

When looking into finding that “perfect” classic car insurance company you should take into consideration some aspects that will make the insurance process seem simple and affordable. First of all you should find an insurance company that has special offers for classic cars and some experience in the field. Having experience on its side, the company will be able to ask all the right questions. Secondly, you should make sure that their specialist values your classic car at a fair price that will completely cover the market value of the car in case of a loss.

Thirdly, you might want to ask if they collaborate with a specialist that can help you find rare parts for your classic car. Why not take advantage of such an opportunity? After checking out those details you need to think about money, more precisely about the deductible level you feel comfortable with and only after deciding that you should compare quotes from various companies and take the responsible decision.

There aren’t a lot of specialized classic car insurance companies on he market, but there are a few willing to go the extra mile for valuable collection cars that need a more special insurance. One of these companies is the Grundy Worldwide, one of the largest of its kind. Nowadays the number of classic car they provide insurance for has reached one and a half million. That’s quite impressive, but in fact it is a result of their level of expertise and of their numerous options that are quite flexible. This should certainly be among your favorites!

Another classic car insurance company that has been on the market for more than 40 years is the Hagerty Insurance Agency. Initially, the company wasn’t specialized in classic car insurance, but these days they offer great deals for car collectors. For example, for your entire collection the company will charge you with only one liability insurance. Moreover, the company supports the Hagerty Plus car collector community, that it’s proud of its 250,000 members that own exquisite classic cars. If you are a member the classic car insurance company will definitely offer you a discount!

Another opportunity is the Collector’s insurance, a classic car insurance company that has as a target only the owners of classic cars. What’s interesting about this particular company is that they offer insurance not only for classic cars, but also for other kinds of vehicles such as motorcycles or trucks that fall in the category of classics. In addition to this, the rates they offer for the case of modified cars are very appealing. Moreover, because the company is exclusively interested in classic cars, it also wants to help build a strong community of car collectors and admirers through trivia forums or classic car blogs.

These are only some examples that can help you think of criteria when it comes to comparison. No matter if you choose a classic car insurance company that is specialized in this field or one that has just a department experienced in the matter of classic cars, you just need to make sure they offer you a fair deal and treat your car with as much respect as you do, because it’s not just a car! It’s a piece of history!

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