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Classic car racing events are expected by thousands of followers and participants every year. We all can’t wait to see compete classic cars with ancient bodies, chromed radiator grilles or wire wheels. That’s why classic car races are organized all over the world and attract thousands of people.

One of the most popular motor racing events takes place every year in September at the historic Goodwood motor circuit in Chichester. It’s an event that carries forward the tradition of the racing competitions organized in the 1950s. The motor circuit was used for the first time in 1948 and after eight years the motor racing competition was dropped. This circuit is quite a challenge for drivers and became famous after the accident of Sir Stirling Moss in 1962.

Classic car racing

Nowadays, the event is recreated each year, taking into consideration all details. The historic racing schedule that was followed from 1948 to 1966 is still used today. Even the Sussex Trophy is still being awarded. The trophy celebrates the nine hour races, a feature unique for the Goodwood races that were held in the 1950s and 1960s.

The event allows only cars that would have been accepted to race during the Goodwood’s golden era. To make the event more authentic, modern cars are forbidden in the competition.

The brands that compete every year in these classic car racing events are Aston Martins, Ferraris or Jaguars. Important people join the event every year, saying yes to a travel in time. Even the well known Formula 1 drivers participate as pilots of the classic race cars.

An interesting feature of the Goodwood Revival is that all the participants are invited to dress in the original style of the 50’s and the 60’s. People really enjoy the opportunity and are happy to enhance the event’s authenticity. Women need to find the right print tea dress, dolly shoes, pill box hats while men have to look for trilby hats and blazers from 1948 and 1966. This kind of outfits can be found on auction sites, at a vintage clothing supplier or at a charity shop.

Moreover, each year, people have the opportunity to watch exciting races. The number of races that are organized is large, but I selected the most interesting ones. The Madgwick Cup is a 45 minutes race that includes classic cars from the category under 2.5-litres. In 2010, the participants could see an exciting confrontation between cars such as a Lotus 15, a T39 Bobtail, a Porsche 550, a Ferrari 196 SP Dino or a Maserati 200S.

The Madgwick Cup

Another important race of this classic car racing event is St Mary’s race. The classic cars that competed in this race during the 2010 edition were amazing. We are talking about an Austin A35 and a Jaguar Mk VII. But the “jewel” of the Revival’s crown remained in 2010 the two-driver Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration race. This is a one hour race that brought in people’s attention super rare GT racing cars, such as Ferrari 250 GTO, Aston Martin DB4GT, GT SWB, Zagato or AC Cobra.

I hope that you will find the classic car racing as interesting and as amazing as I consider it to be.  If you have the opportunity you should definitely go and attend the 2011 Goodwood Revival event. I strongly recommend it!

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