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Aston Martin DB4 GT

Those of you who want to learn how to determine the classic car value of a vehicle have to understand that the process is significantly different in comparison to a regular used car. Aside from the overall condition, mileage and the rest of these similar facts, it is very important to know what sort of modifications the car has suffered and if all the parts on the car are original or if they have been replaced with aftermarket components.

It is advisable that you consult online guides because these can help you evaluate the condition of the classic car and figure out an estimative price for it. Keep in mind that these are going to be just the starting points because there is more to it than this. You should take a lot at the body and look for poorly performed body work, signs of rust, denting, rippling and gaps. In addition, inspect the trim, windows, tires and seals, along with paying close attention to any chrome pieces.

The inside cabin is a little bit more difficult to inspect since there are a lot of small parts, like handles, dials, knobs, gauges, switches and others as well. You will have to verify if these are all intact and if they are still in a working condition. Check and see if the radio is original and if it is still working. We recommend that you write down on a notepad what you see and later on show it to a mechanic in case you can’t take the car with you. He’ll help you figure out whether you should buy the car or not.

In order to find out the classic car value, you should evaluate its authenticity. With many older cars, the interior, paint and some of the parts have likely been replaced. The question is: were they replaced with original parts? If not, it means that the value of the vehicle in question has depreciated. In addition, if the car’s previous owners have added special features that weren’t available on the standard vehicle, these two will reduce the value of the classic car.

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