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The Classic & Sports Car magazine is a market leading monthly publication that addresses its content to those interested in buying, maintaining, restoring or only dreaming about the many incredible classic cars on the market. It was launched in 1982 and it’s a British magazine published every month by the Haymarket Magazines. Many consider it to be the world’s best-selling classic car magazine. This incredible publication covers because of its many articles all the types of classic vehicles that the collectors are interested in, beginning with the Jaguar E-types and MGBs and ending with one-offs, prototypes and the greatest classic race cars ever.

All the pages of the Classic & Sports Car magazine describe classic cars manufactured all around the world, over the time, by different car brands. The editorials focus on describing the design of these special, extremely valuable vehicles, the manufacturing principles being supported by numerous photos. The magazine is also interested in offering as much support as possible for those who buy or sell amazing classic and sports cars. In fact, it is one of the biggest and most respected classic car marketplaces that have been created over the time, all around the world, with the intention of gathering the classic car collectors. Because of this reason, the magazine’s representatives considered that it was time to go to the next level, to an international readership and system of advertisement. This initiative has transformed this magazine into a global publication licensed not only in the United Kingdom, but also in countries like France, Germany and Indonesia.

An interesting feature of the Classic & Sports Car magazine is that the entire team who works hard every day for its monthly release has a personal interest in classic cars and that is easily seen in the articles written. That’s why, every month, car enthusiasts have the opportunity to read under the “Our Classics Pages” theme an exceptional article about the latest triumphs or dramas the staff “suffers” because of the classic cars that one of them owns. The main subjects that are debated in the Classic & Sports Car magazine are grouped under several categories such as news and events, glossy features on the finest classic and sports cars, buyer’s guide, review from motoring art to Automobilia, living with Classics and buying & selling. And there is still room for more in the future editions!

The Classic & Sports Car magazine subscription is mainly focused on spectacular restorations, on classic car models that belong to readers willing to present their beauty in the magazine’s pages and also on product tests and buying advices that many readers might find useful and even apply on their next purchase. This subscription is meant to be useful and entertaining, all in the same time. The section dedicated to the buyers guide offers accurate prices and contact details for some of the models and makes described in other articles. Because it describes the most elegant and finest classic cars that you can find on the classic car market, it’s definitely the perfect guide for buyers and also for sellers of classic vehicles.

If you are interested in making a subscription to the Classic & Sports Car magazine then you should know that for a six month subscription you will have to pay only £21.65 while for an entire year the subscription will cost you around £44.50. That’s how you will end up saving around 20%. So, if you are a fan I recommend the one year subscription because it is not only cost-effective but also an investment in a hobby that is worth supporting.

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