Close-up on Fast Five’s Elena Neves –

Elsa Pataky is the 34 years old the daughter of José Francisco Lafuente and Cristina Pataky Medianu. Therefore her full name is Elsa Lafuente Pataky Medianu. She is part spanish, part hungarian, part romanian, thanks to her spanish father and hungarian-romanian mother.

One of the most famous films she starred in was Snakes on a plane, next to Samuel L. Jackson, in 2006.

In Fast Five she will play cop Elena Neves, one of many after Vin Diesel and his crew.

She recently (december 2010)  married Chris Hemsworth, an actor you probably saw in Star Trek (2009).

Elsa is just one of the hotties we’ll see starting April 28 in the new Fast and Furious movie, Fast Five.

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