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The last creation of Jamie Martin designer is the Cobra Venom V8, a modern interpretation of the original model AC Shelby Cobra. Practically, the car’s look reveals the possible successor to the original 1960 Cobra, which, if it’ll be built, will be propelled by a Ford V8 engine.

The specs suggested by Martin are a supercharged 4.6 liters Ford V8 powerplant which develops a maximum power of 524 HP and 569 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm. These allow the car to reach a top speed of 345 km/h and go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a manual Tremec 6 steps speed box, or an automatic one with 6 contact ratio, which can be manually activated from the flaps behind the steering wheel.

The Venom’s underframe is made of aluminum and carbon fiber components and 17-inch wheels has Pirelli P-Zero tyres. Among other characteristics of this concept we mention xenon headlights and LEDs, technology for the tail lights.

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