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Christmas is getting closer and closer, so Lamborghini has released their annual Christmas gifts collection. This year, it includes a range of 2008 baubles, bears, candles and cushions available in the special matt black and white colours launched this year on the Gallardo LP 560-4.

The collection includes box-sets of three baubles in lightweight ceramic (available with one Nero Noctis black and two Mono Cerus white in each box), candles box-sets include one black, one white, slow-burning candles, 13-inch Lamborghini shield-embroidered cushions in the two colours, plus a Lamborghini polar bear, who’s wearing a black sweater and the Lamborghini logo. Of course, there also a range of calendars and Christmas cards available to order. All items can be ordered from the Lamborghini online store, from authorised Lamborghini dealers and in the Lamborghini store at Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Prices (without tax) Box-set three baubles: 56 Euro ($70) Box-set two candles: 44 Euro ($55) Cushion: 32 Euro ($40) Polar bear large: 26 Euro ($32)

Polar bear small: 44 Euro ($55)

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Take a look what some guy found in a Barn in Pratt, Kansas. The 109 old cars, among which is a very rare 1934 Chrysler Airflow, belonged to some guy who tried to restore them but, obviously, failed. All the cars are on sale on eBay, for $195,000. Not a bad price for a great collection and someone who knows what he’s doing could come up with some beauties.

Check out the eBay auction page here.


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Lamborghini will make available a pack of limited edition Christmas tree gifts. So, what do you get? The gifts include ceramic Christmas tree baubles in box-sets of three finished in the Gallardo Superleggera orange glaze along with a set of same colored slow-burning candles with the Lamborghini logo imprinted on one side. The Lamborghini Christmas collection also includes 2008 calendars plus a set of 20 Christmas cards featuring the €1 million Lamborghini Reventón, presented last month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Audi launched a new website for the Audi Collection, plus they added some extra products to the existing line. Compared to the pedal car crap, this is great news. Head over to the Audi Collection site for a better look. It’s worth it.

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At the Fashion Week event that took place in Berlin, Mercedes presented its sunglasses and eyewear frames collection. Developed in cooperation with the italian producer Allison SpA, the collection has 40 modelswith prices $220 – $357 (€159 to €259) for the sunglasses and from $233 – $330 (€169 to €239) for the frames.

Personally, I don’t know what to say about these, but from the pics I don’t think I really like it, I’m more of a Police fan, but then again…I don’t own a Mercedes, so who am I to say.


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