College Grad Used Car Lease –

Many car manufacturers have been thinking about college graduates and have designed some college grad used car lease programs that are an option a graduate should definitely take into consideration.

An example is the Honda Graduate Program that offers competitive financing not only for those interested in buying a used certified Honda car but also for those who want to lease one. An interesting feature of this program is that the first payment can be deferred with 90 days. Only those who have finished college or a nursing school in the last two years or are going to graduate college within four months and can bring proof of employment are eligible for this college grad used car lease program.

Hyundai is also trying to help grad students by offering lease deals that involve no amount of money due at signing, by offering 90 days until you are required to make the first payment and by lowering the cost with $400 no matter what other rebates apply to the Hyundai model you have chosen. Like Honda, they address their program to those who have finished college in the past two years and to those who are 6 months away from their last day of college. By meeting these standards you can also choose to be part of the Infiniti program for college grads known as the Signature Graduate Finance Program. It’s a great opportunity to lease an Infiniti, because you will benefit from special lease terms. All you will need to do is submit online an application, provide proof of employment and of annual income.

Kia is also willing to help college graduates by offering a $750 incentive on all college grad used car leases. Next is Lexus, which even if doesn’t offer special rebates for this category of leasers, has still designed the College Graduate Program that includes the 90-day free of charge until the first payment, the no down payment option and road assistance for a year as a bonus. If a Mercedes-Benz is more like the kind of car you would like to lease, then I’m sorry to let you know that they haven’t yet come up with a college grad used car lease special.

Another option would be the college grad leases offered by Mini. But in this case, while the 6 rules you should respect in order to qualify for such a lease are clear as crystal, the program’s benefits are far away from being clear. Some say that the main advantage of this program is represented by the lower interest rates, because most car manufacturers set higher interest rates for those who make little money a year and don’t have much work experience.

The Audi Financial Services also thought about college graduates. They offer you special college grad lease options that you can benefit from as long as the monthly payment on the car you choose represents less than 25% of your income, you can bring proof you are employed and if you have graduated from college in the last 2 years.

Maybe the most spectacular college grad car lease is offered by Toyota which offers in 2011 a rebate of $1000 to any college graduate that wants to lease a new 2011 Toyota Camry. But even for used certified Toyota cars the lease offer is as great. No money is due at signing, you will benefit from competitive APRs and you won’t have to cover any down payment for the first 90 days. The requirements are the same as those imposed by other car manufacturers that offer special lease deals for college graduates.

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