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ConsumerReports is one of the largest car review websites in the world. Day by day, new articles appear online about every section of the car industry. This time we will focus our attention on the best used cars on the market. ConsumerReports offers us a list of the most popular and reliable cars from each category. Know that each model has at least three years of reliability data.

The small cars section is represented by the Honda Fit. The Fit has been a reliable, versatile and very economic hatchback since its beginning in 2007 when it was a great hit in the US. It comes with an amazing amount of usable space crammed inside a small package. It comes with safety features such as antilock breaking and a complete set of curtain airbags. Before the 2011 model ESC (electronic stability control) only came with models that had the optional navigation system.

The family car section is ruled by the “almighty” Toyota Prius. This little car has amazing reliability and has developed special engines for incredible fuel economy. The only problem is that the 2010 model has only little above average reliability. So you might want to consider one that has optional ESC. A good place to start is from the 2004 model.

On the more upscale car level we have the Lexus ES. It has been a major player in this category for a long long time. Reliability has been through the roof on the past 10 model years, not to mention that is amazingly docile and comfortable, despite the big engine. ESC became a standard feature added to the repertoire of the 2007 model which came with an even bigger engine and a fully automatic six speed transmission.

In the luxury car section the strongest representative is the Acura RL. It might not be the sportiest of cars, but the reliability offered makes up for it. No matter where you would look upon it, luxury spells all over the bodywork and the interior. The 2005 redesigned model brought loads of improvements but it also came with a series of complex controls that made it a bit more complicated to drive.

If you’re looking for a sweet sporty ride with few cash than you needn’t look any further than the Mazda MX5 Miata. It is very affordable and extremely fun to drive. You might want to look for models that are at least from 2006 so that you can get the ABS as a standard feature. It is extremely light on its “feet” and delivers amazing performance for such an affordable price.

Small SUVs are represented by the Honda CR-V. It’s a very comfortable ride since the CR-V drives exactly like a car. It is equipped with a fuel efficient engine with four cylinders. 2005 came with a couple of improvements such as ESC and airbags, available on the standard version. 2007 brought the CR-V more power and an even “greener” and more efficient engine, making it the best in the small SUV section.

If you’re looking for the Large SUV than you have to take into consideration the biggest and meanest Toyota has to offer: the Toyota Highlander. It is quite a refined car that hides a lot of power in that dormant engine. Yet the ride is kept smooth and comfortable. Being from Toyota, naturally it comes with good fuel economy and the highest of safety ratings. It also manages to combine luxury with outstanding off road capabilities.

Here you are. Some of the best rated cars from each car segment. Choose wisely.

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