Convertible Mercedes Benz E Class spotted at Nurburgring –

Some time ago we were invited to a Mercedes Benz event were, among others, we had the chance to see and drive the new E Class Coupe. We didn’t get the chance to completely see what this car can do, but we were really impressed with its look. It’s an almost perfect mix between sporty and elegant and for the first time since the A5 was born we had the feeling something’s about to change in our wishlists for Santa. And while Audi has waited a few years before launching the cabrio version of the A5, it seems that Mercedes have their homework done, because here is a recent set of spy photos showing a convertible E Class almost completely undisguised doing some high-speed testing on the Nurburgring track.

Mercedes hasn’t released any official info on the car so far, but the engine line-up will probably be the same from the E Class and the E Coupe and rumors keep showing up about Mercedes launching an innovative new wind protection system on the E Cabrio. As for the AMG version, Mercedes is still saying there won’t be any (for the E Coupe or Cabrio) but that doesn’t mean we can’t go on hoping they’ll change their minds someday.

Meanwhile, check out more spy photos on World Car Fans.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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