Corvette ZHZ, “Check, please!” |

Posted on 30-07-2008 by Sorin

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What would you do if on your cash note you see this: one limited edition Corvette and one terrace restaurant? Especially if the car is not yours, but is rented from Hertz. Probably when they’ve ordered 500 Corvette-ZHZ, limited edition, dedicated exclusively to the well-known car rental companies, they never imagined this. One of the customers lost control of the 436 hp Corvette at Lemmon Avenue in Dallas and slammed it onto the sidewall of the La Madeleine restaurant. I think the driver loved the restaurant so much, that he parked the Corvette directly in the restaurant’s sidewall, which led to this damages with unknown values yet.

It must have been one cold frappe or a Mojito, or…who knows…one Guiness Draught, that made him do such a thing?