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Cost For Shipping A Car

When you want to ship your car from one location to another, it isn’t always easy to find out the best transport company to help you achieve this without a lot of hassle. The cost for shipping a car varies from one company to another and for this reason you need to find out how the rates are established. Needless to say, regardless of the car you have and where you want to ship it, you should do some comparison shopping in order to find out the best rates for the service that you want.

In the following we will try to explain how the average car shipping rates are determined by the companies.

First of all, supply and demand is very important as if you plan to transport a car to an area where the company rarely moves vehicles to, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get higher shipping rates than you might have expected. Conversely, if you want to transport the car to an area where the company ships a lot of cars, you’ll get more affordable rates.

The second factor that will determine the shipping rates is the type of the car. Most of the companies will want to know what car you want to ship, how old it is and if it has any modifications. For this reason, you should prepare this information when contacting the shipping companies.

The place of departure and the place of destination are determinant factors in the rate for transporting your vehicle. These shipping companies will want to know how far they need to travel in order to deliver the car so that they can be certain that all of the expenses are covered by what they charge you.

Another factor that determines the level of the rates is the season of the year. Summer time is considered to be a popular time to move so you will have to pay higher rates. So, if you want to save money, it would be best to ship the car during a season that is not so busy as summer.

The weight of the car will be taken into consideration by the shipping companies when determining the rates you will have to pay. It would be wise to reduce the weight of your car by keeping the gas tank very low as well as removing toolboxes, add-on car fittings or any other accessories.

When calculating the cost for shipping a car, you need to take into consideration the insurance. Some of the companies already factor in the insurance in the cost for the total shipping while others will ask you for more money. In addition, make sure that you know what you are being covered for. Most of these companies cover against damage and loss of vehicles up to a certain amount.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you decide to ship a car. Plan ahead get in touch with as many shipping companies as you can to obtain the best rates.

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