Country Classic Cars

Country Classic Cars was initially just a weekend hobby for a Midwest farmer who very soon found his passion for classic cars and trucks, later on deciding to turn it into a growing business. Before becoming a farmer, he worked as a mechanic for several years and he decided to buy a piece of land along Interstate 55 to establish Country Classic Cars.

At the moment they have hundreds of country classic cars and trucks for sale, the oldest one being a 1924 Chevy truck flat bed which was entirely restored eight years ago. It has a 4-cylinder engine and a 3-speed gearbox, and also a nice custom wood work. Finished in red, the truck costs $17,950. The oldest car that they have for sale is a Ford Model A from 1929 that has a rebuilt engine, a new paint as well as a new interior. This one is finished in black and costs $14,950. From the same year there’s also a Model A Spt Coupe which has also been restored recently and the original engine has been entirely rebuilt. This one is finished in blue and carries a price tag of $17,550.

The newest car that Country Classic Cars has on sale is a Chevrolet Camaro from 2000 that has a powerful V6 3.8-liter engine mated to an automatic transmission. It is wearing a nice blue paint and has been very well maintained by its previous owners. This one costs $4,650. The newest truck that they have on sale is a Ford F150 4×4 XLT, SVT from 1996 that is powered by a supercharged V8 engine linked to an automatic gearbox.

These are only just a few examples of vehicles that you can get from Country Classic Cars, another fine example would have to be a 1951 Plymouth Belvedere two-door HT Coupe that has a rare body style and the interior is almost entirely original. Finished in yellow, it has a 6-cylinder engine and a three-speed transmission.

Head on to the where you will find hundreds of cars and trucks for sale.

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