Couple finds bear trapped in their own car |

It’s not everyday that you hear your car alarm go off in the middle of the night and go off to investigate. But even though they expected something along the lines of a thief, a Colorado couple was shocked to find out that their car was being ravaged by a bear.

That’s right, the Yogi variety of bear, only this time he didn’t want any picnic baskets. The couple, seeing as how the bear was trapped, presumably after hitting the door locking mechanism with his paw after opening the door from the outside, they called the police.

Member’s of the local sheriff department were equally shocked and before releasing the young bear, snapped a few pictures, which we feature in this article. After opening the door, the brown bear immediately legged it to the woods and disappeared, leaving the car pretty ransacked and the couple and police with one hell of a story to tell.

Officials did take the chance to remember those who live around woods to not leave any food in the car, as before they enter hibernation, bears will sniff and consume almost every morsel of food they can find, going through any obstacle in order to obtain it.

Source: DenverPost via Jalopnik

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