Couples let stranger drive rented Corvette, end up in the ocean [video] |

This has go to be one of the stupidest things we ever wrote about here on RPMGO. Last Thursday, a 39-yo man and his 36-yo wife rented a Corvette from Hertz and stopped for a drink at London’s West End, a bar in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Here they were talking to a man, a complete stranger and when they talked about the Corvette, the man told them he never drove one, so they agreed on letting him drive their rented one. Great idea, don’t you think?

Well, the man drove the car, started doing donuts in the sand and, at one point, lost control of the car which ended up in the ocean. The man quickly ran away, leaving the two idiots talking to the police and taking care of the mess he got them into.

Not much we can comment on this, except some people are really, really stupid. Check out a few videos of the Corvette taking a swim, after the jump.