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Looks like they’re dropping like flies all over the world: first Hong Kong, then Malaysia, Isle of Man and the United States and now again the US. We have no idea why this Nissan GT-R looks like this or what happened at the auction that took place yesterday, but one thing’s for sure. This brand new GT-R (349 miles on the odometer) is almost destroyed and it was available at an auction yard in Nashville. The vehicle cost 87,000 and damage is estimated at around $55,000, so don’t think this is going to be a bargain for the auction winner. If you ask me, there are two reasons why someone would pay for a totalled GT-R: either you didn’t get the chance to place your order for a new one, either you’re having some evil thoughts regarding that lovely 480 hp engine, which looks ok.

Photo Gallery: Wrecked Nissan GT-R for sale

Source: VWVortex Forums

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