Create a Top Gear challenge, win tickets to Top Gear Live Shows |

I think we can all agree that Top Gear is one of the finest auto shows and even purely entertainment shows out there. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts were the challenges, as I eagerly awaited the golden envelopes to be opened by the crew and see just what wacky thing they need to do.

But if you believe that you can do better and think of an unique challenge, then you can submit your idea to the production team and, if you’re lucky, you might win tickets to the Top Gear Live World tour, which will be hitting in its 2009-2010 period eight locations around the globe including: London (UK), Birmingham (UK), Dublin (Ireland), Johannesburg (S.Africa), Sydney (Australia), Auckland (NZ), Hong Kong (China), and Amsterdam (Holland).

If we gave you the opportunity to fill one of the gold Challenge envelopes with a challenge for the TG presenters, what would it be, and why? What challenge would you like to see in the gold envelope? Pitch your idea in the form of a YouTube video its that simple. Just come up with a great idea, make a video to explain it, make sure the idea is good and you really sell the idea to us. Ideas will not only be judged on the idea itself, but also your ability to convince us it is a good idea.

Enjoy the video below showcasing the terms and conditions of this promotion and you can submit your own idea by visiting Top Gear’s own YouTube page.

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