Custom Lamborghini –

There are a lot of speculations in the car industry about the fact that in the future Lamborghini planes to produce a super motorcycle. In fact, speculations is too much said, rather correctly would be to consider them the product of some people rich imagination.

Why? The Lamborghini brand is now owned by Audi and Audi is a member of Volkswagen Group (VAG Group). These are the “guilty” persons for entombment the NSU and Golf and Polo are two automobiles economics that lead to the decline of the motorcycle industry in 70’s.

With all these being said, the Custom Lamborghini motorcycle continues to be a nice dream for many motorcyclists. The Germans from Thunderbike transposed their own dream into reality and created the motorcycle of their dream.

Custom Lamborghini motorcycle

If in the thoughts of most people the Custom Lamborghini motorcycle is some kind of super mega Hayabusa, ThunderBike had the vision of this motorcycle and saw it like a dragster.

Lamborghini is a custom build on a Dragster RS frame of the Thunder peoples and it is equipped with a Harley-Davidson engine. Please do not confuse a Dragster (especially the Lamborghini version) with a cruiser. Excepting the huge engine Screamin Eagle of 110 CI (1.8 liters) the dragster is equipped with a reversed crotch and the face break with two disks and radial clamps.

The back wheel has a design inspired by the race wheels on the Lamborghini (with five tenons) and it wears a 280 mm tire. The back suspension has a mono arm tilt and horizontal buffer placed central. The back break is assured with a perimeter disk and clamp with six pistons from Nissin.

Behind all the technical details, the custom Lamborghini motorcycle is very impressive by its dimensions. The wheelbase of 1,800 mm is not a record for the custom class but it is enough to make the total length more than two meters and a half.

I am sure that for all motorcyclists these pieces of information are only something to be amazed and trying a Custom Lamborghini motorcycle will make them happier than ever. They know that this motorcycle choose the best components in order to create the best motorcycle around the world. Speed and adrenaline is something that all Lamborghini car users already are familiar with. Now this intensity of emotions will also be felt by the motorcyclists when they will experiment the driving of the best motorcycle named Lamborghini.

With this motorcycle, Lamborghini proved once again that super sport is their magic word and high speed is the definition of their products. We can only think now how will be understood this product by the competitors. I am very sure that German motorcycle was created not only for somebody pleasure, but to satisfy all the needs of a motorcyclist.

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