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Customize Your Own Lamborghini

If you have already spent a six figures budget on your new Lamborghini you might also be interested in customizing your brand new purchase. It will cost you some extra money but the result will be worth it. The process may not be very complicated but there is a need of an expert touch if you don’t want to ruin your car. So look for someone that knows how to paint a luxurious car and is used to all the additional gadgets you would like to add.

To easily customize your own Lamborghini you should think about changing the exterior color. You should choose a color that is not used for the cars that are produced in the Lamborghini factories. You can pick your favorite color or a combination of your favorite colors in order to make it more interesting. You can also use different designs for the exterior and paint the shapes in different colors. You will transform your car in a piece of art, easily recognizable, like the Lamborghini craftsmanship and styling wouldn’t already be enough. You can even hire an artist to paint your car and provide you with one of his original designs.

You can also think about ordering a special license plate. You can’t get a car more unique than that, considering that the license plate you will design will be only displayed by your Lamborghini. You can choose any combination of words that can refer to the type of Lamborghini you drive or to something more original and personal in order to customize your own Lamborghini.

Customize Your Own Lamborghini

Don’t be afraid to use stencils or decades to complete the exterior look of your Lamborghini. The best way to take advantage of their use is by applying them on top of a single color paint job, because their shape will be better accentuated. You can design yourself the stencil or you can use a standard decal that you can easily find at an automotive shop. You can choose designs likes flames, skulls or the Lamborghini seal and you will obtain a customized Lamborghini. The best locations for these stencils or decals are the hood or the sides of the Lamborghini sports car you are trying to customize.

Another action that will help you turn your Lamborghini into a unique vehicle is the replace of the steel wheels with another pair of wheels painted in the same color as the car’s exterior. This will change completely your Lamborghini’s appearance, because the one color body will seem more stylish.

A good example of a company that does a great job in customizing high-end cars, including Lamborghinis, is Sound in Motion, located in Massachusetts. Let’s take the example of a Gallardo they recently upgraded. We all know that the space inside any exotic car is limited. That’s why the Sound and Motion team tried and succeeded in integrating a lot of gadgets and a complete audio system inside this Italian wonder. They also replaced the Audi-esque radio with an Alpine INA-W900 touch screen along with other gadgets: GPS, DVD, iPod, HD radio and a back-up camera. There was also added a custom trim ring that was manufactured from ABS plastic in order to provide that OEM finish.

These are just a few examples of things you can do in order to customize your own Lamborghini and of companies that can offer you some support. There is also a Lamborghini customizing program called “Ad Personam” that you can take into consideration if you want a unique, customized car that is signed by Lamborghini. But that will cost some extra money.

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