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Let’s face it, there are some roads in practically any country where it isn’t even safe to drive a car, let alone ride a bike. But cyclist Peter Beileiter is taking the fight straight to the Roads and Traffic Authority in Australia as an accident left him blind and brain-damaged. He is now seeking millions of dollars in damages because, as he claims, the road wasn’t safe.

The cyclist, who was allegedly knocked off his bike by a hit-and-run driver in the Southern Cross Drive from Sydney, in February 2001, claims that the road had no conditions for cyclists, like a dedicated lane. The lawyers representing him also say that the RTA, when it enhanced the road conditions in 1998-1999 failed to take into account the suggestion from the city board of continuing the cycle lane which was featured in the northern part of the road, and even narrowed that one down, to the point where it is extremely dangerous to ride a bike around there. They say that it was the RTA’s duty to warn cyclists and prevent them from going down south on the road, as it was dangerous.

The team of attorneys also revealed that it is “more than probable” that he was struck in the back by a car and wasn’t wearing a helmet at that time, meaning that damages are also demanded from a “nominal defendant.

The RTA, of course, declined to comment on the matter and will issue a statement when the Supreme Court will pass its ruling on the case.

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