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2011 Daihatsu Copen

To be honest I’m not what you’d call a fan of the Daihatsu brand but I’ve always had a soft spot for its cute Copen convertible. Those of you who like this car will be glad to hear that according to insiders within the company, a new generation of the model is under development and it seems that it will be powered by an engine from its parent company, which if you didn’t know is Toyota.

The previous generation of the Copen was discontinued this year and had a small 660cc turbo engine which was replaced by a more frugal 1.3-liter power unit in order to meet the stricter emissions rules.

The new one which Daihatsu is working on will go back to its roots and sources say that it will be powered by a 2-cylinder, 0.9-liter gasoline engine that will use roughly the same technology of the TwinAir engine found in the funky Fiat 500. This new car promises to return 90 mpg UK while CO2 emissions will be below the 80 g/km mark.

Most likely, the all-new Daihatsu Copen is going to be wider and longer than the discontinued model due to the reason that the automaker’s bosses definitely want the car to comply with the latest safety regulations. The same sources say that it will probably still have the folding hard top of the original model.

Rumors say that Daihatsu will launch the new generation of the Copen sometime in 2013 and if we learned one thing from this automaker is that the car will probably be very cheap.

Source: Auto Express

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