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First off, no it isn’t an April Fools joke (as far as we know). Daimler has announced that it will be debuting a partnership between it and Renault in terms of platform and engine sharing for future models.

As such, you’ll see quite a few components and new technologies be developed between brands like Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Renault or Nissan. It seems that Daimler has been shopping around for viable partnerships, and saw in Renault the best candidate. The research on which the two companies will collaborate are going to result in “billions of euros in annual savings for both sides.”

The major focus of the new partnership is the Project Edison initiative, consisting of a small city car platform, capable of support the replacements for the Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour. Besides the Daimler models, Renault is keen to base the electric Twizy and the next Twingo on the same platform. As its name suggests, it will also support, besides regular powertrains, electric ones. The rear-wheel drive platform will no doubt be manufactured at Renault’s Slovenian plant.

Besides the work on the Edison platform, the two groups will also collaborate on future small engines, from 1.2 to 1.8-liters in capacity, set to appear under the bonnets of the future Mercedes-Benz A and B Classes, as well as the next Renault Clio or Megane models.

Autocar is also speculating that if the two corporations play together nicely, Mercedes-Benz might share some of its V6 or V8 engines with Infiniti, as well as new transmissions. Either way, this is one interesting partnership which will give BMW and PSA Peugeot Citroen something to think about.

Source: Autocar

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