Damaged Kia Kee Concept won’t see the LA Auto Show | Rpmgo.com

Even though I find this really funny, I’m sure the people over at Kia didn’t laugh as much, because they are really put in an embarrassing situation. So, what happened? Well, on its way to the LA Auto Show, the Kia Kee Concept, a very important car for Kia, which meant to show everyone the direction Kia will take for future, broke loose of its cargo restraints and its front part was really damaged.

Alex Fedorak, Kia’s spokesman said: “We had to send the car back to Italy to get repaired and there is no way it’s going to make it back to the States in time for the LA show.”. Too bad we didn’t get to see any pics of the Kia Kee “facelift”, but now, seriously, we feel bad for Kia and its a shame the LA Show visitors won’t be able to enjoy this fine concept car.

See a photo gallery of the car (not damaged) after the jump.

Full Gallery: Kia Kee Concept Photos

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