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Well, sometimes all you can say when you see something like this is “S**t Happens!”. We don’t have any details, but from the photos we can assume that the truck ended up somehow on the sidewalk, causing the upper Genesis to break loose and fall on the one below. And probably the transport company thanked God insurance was invented. Photo… …read the full post

About two years ago, in July 2006, the Cougar Ace cargo ship carrying around 4,800, brand new Mazda vechicles, valued at around $120 million, went atilt off the coast of Alaska. Though initially Mazda thought it could save and restore all the cars involved in the incident, after engineers took a good look at the cars, the final conclusion was that… …read the full post

I’m sure today wasn’t a good day for BMW North America or for one insurance company. Because of a tipped cargo ship in New Jersey, 370 BMW cars were damaged, 70 of which were completely wrecked. And that’s not all the bad news…it seems that most of the cars were brand new E92 M3s. I’m sure the insurance company which will… …read the full post