Dangerous Russian road roulette appears in Bulgaria

Dangerous Russian road roulette appears in Bulgaria

Many drivers seek an adrenaline rush every time they get behind the wheel, as you can see dangerous things like mini drag races from the traffic light happen all around the world, but some drivers from Bulgaria, which I call crazy and reckless, have devised an even more dangerous “game”, adapting the concept of Russian roulette to normal city traffic.

What they’ll do is bet and challenge one another to run through as many red traffic lights with the highest speed possible. Wagers are reported to go as high as €5,000 (or $7,400) and even pedestrians get involved in the betting game, watching these mindless drivers attempt the impossible with regular people on the street in this Russian road roulette.

Prosecutors and police are trying to stop this dangerous game, but since it started in the summer, it has become more and more popular, especially in the crowded streets of the country’s capital, Sofia. It wasn’t long before the first victims were recorded, in June, when a motorcyclist crashed into a pedestrian while trying to play this game on one of Sofia’s ring roads.

But while the police is sending out more and more squad cars onto the roads, drivers and participants in this mad game set up meeting places and courses via text messages when the evening approaches, and evade the places that the police will be searching.

I can hardly believe that some people would be so reckless to attempt such things, but we shouldn’t overestimate the other people on the road. Hopefully this thing won’t become popular in other countries or going outside will become an even bigger risk to our health, or worse, our lives.

Source: Reuters via Automarket

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