Dealers get paid to teach MyFord Touch to Ford buyers

Ford is one of the carmakers that has been giving its best to bring all kinds of buttons and touch screen and info-gaming-entertainment to the interior of its cars. Blue Oval’s MyFord Touch infotainment system is one of the most complex of its kind, for that matter, and it makes sense that learning how to use it would take some time. So now, car dealers have more to talk about with their customers, which doesn’t necessarily make them happy.

In order to compensate for this and keep Ford buyers happy, the car maker has started to pay dealers with $75 a pop for every car they sold that had MyFord Touch system on it. And $50 for all the Fords that leave the showrooms and have Sync on them. This financial effort is meant to encourage car dealers to take their time on the sale and explain how everything works for the customers, so that they can drive their new Fords peacefully home.

How about that?

Source: Autoblog.

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