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Germany’s most successful Audi dealers honored

* Jörg Felske, Head of Sales Germany, recognizes the 25 best Audi dealers at ceremony in Dubai * Approximately 600 contenders

* Success factors: profitability, customer satisfaction and market penetration

AUDI AG recognized the 25 most successful Audi dealers in Germany last Friday. The dealers were judged on performance as indicated by profitability and sales volume, the successes of the staff in sales and service and on customer satisfaction. Jörg Felske, Head of Sales Germany at AUDI AG, honored the top dealerships at a ceremony in Dubai.

“For nine years now, our Audi Business Cup has recognized the top-performing Audi dealerships in our German sales organization over the past year in a competition entered by approximately 600 contenders. Our dealers and all of their staff can be proud of this award. The Audi Business Cup recognizes quality in overall operations, dedication and team achievement, “said Felske.

Five dealerships in each of the five German sales regions of AUDI AG were recognized. The dealerships qualified in one of four categories based on the size of the company. To this AUDI AG also added a “team category,” in which several dealerships of one company group could enter the competition jointly.

The Audi Business Cup is a year-long competition. Besides business figures and customer satisfaction scores, successes in other Audi competitions, such as the Audi Sales Cup, are also taken into account. The Audi Business Cup is thus the most prestigious of the Audi dealership contests.

The 25 best Audi dealerships by region:

Region Northern Germany: Autohaus Elmshorn GmbH, Elmshorn Auto Wichert GmbH, Hamburg Autohaus Rudolf Petzold GmbH, Lehrte Autohaus Stotzem, Heide

Audi Zentrum Oldenburg

Region Eastern Germany: Autohaus FP Gemballa GmbH, Lehre Ehrhardt AG, Hildburghausen Audi Zentrum Zwickau, Zwickau Autohaus Schmidt KG, Berndsdorf

Audi Zentrum Dresden, Dresden

Region Western Germany: ARG Auto-Rheinland-GmbH, Bonn Auto Müller & Flegel GmbH & Co.KG, Bitburg Mais & Glandien GmbH, Pronsfeld Audi Zentrum Aachen, Aachen

Audi Zentrum Bochum, Bochum

Region Southern Germany: Audi Zentrum Passau, Passau Autohaus Feser GmbH, Schwabach Autohaus Nölscher GmbH, Lohr Autohaus Prüller KG, Neuburg a.d. Donau

MAHAG Automobile, Munich

Region Southwestern Germany: Autohaus Wiest GmbH, Darmstadt Hahn Automobile GmbH + Co, Fellbach Autohaus Best GmbH, Mühlheim Automobile Zollernalb GmbH & Co. KG, Albstadt

Autohaus Weeber GmbH, Weil der Stadt