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Like any other state, Delaware has a specific legislation when it comes to car insurance and the local insurance companies offer good deals for people who know where to look. It is always a good idea to compare quotes from at least three different trustworthy competitors on the market.

The Delaware car insurance law states that each and every driver is obliged to respect the established minimums for the mandatory bodily injury insurance and the injured person compensation. For the first type of insurance $15,000 are required per person injured as a result of an accident, $30,000 are the minimum for the insurance that covers all the persons involved in an accident and a $10,000 minimum is the requirement for the possible destruction of property during an accident. The injured person compensation involves $15,000 per person injured and $30,000 per accident, doubled by a minimum of $5,000 that is suppose to cover funeral expenses or other lost earnings.

There are also available other optional types of Delaware car insurance. You can decide to go for uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance as well. The cost of this good to have insurance can go up to $100,000 per person and to $300,000 per accident.

Delaware Car Insurance

If you fail to provide proof of Delaware car insurance that could result in possible fines or even a suspension of your driving license. For the first offence the value of the fine is $1,500, but if you still don’t get properly insured the cost can go up to $3,000. You can also get a 6 month license suspension. But, if your car insurance gets cancelled because you can’t pay for it any more or if you decide to cancel it yourself you can deal with the situation legally. All you have to do is to bring the license plates to your local DMV and at any later moment, bringing proof of insurance you can pick them up for no extra cost.

Moreover, the Delaware car insurance law states that if you drive in this state a car registered in another state you are still required to carry proof of your minimum liability insurance. But the requirements of this insurance can respect those of the state in which your car is registered. You will still be driving legally in the state of Delaware even if your minimums are lower than the ones requested by Delaware.

When it comes to choosing the right insurance company, you should know that many of the national insurance companies cover Delaware as well. The most popular ones are Nationwide Insurance that sells insurance to more than 23% of Delaware’s residents, State Farm Insurance that offers its service to 22% of the local drivers, Berkshire Hathaway and Liberty Mutual, both being able to convince 7% of the customers available on the local market. All these companies usually offer discounts, and respond well to clients with a clean driving record, willing to take defensive driving courses or that maintain good grades in school (in the case of young persons under the age of 25).

You should also know that the state of Delaware has a strict law concerning the usage of cellular phones while driving. The restriction is especially addressed to minor drivers. Drivers under the age of 18 are specifically prohibited to talk on the phone while driving and if caught multiple times their license can be suspended for 3 or more months.

Like always, the best deal will come to you if you compare quotes, do a little research and ask the right questions. Delaware car insurance can be cheap!

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