Design Your Own Car –

We always complain about not being able to find the dream items we search for. That includes cars too. With that particular category I can give you a little help. The software that will be your assistant might not give you the opportunity to actually build the car but at least it will give the right to be the designer of your own car.

It takes just a few steps to reach your goal. Firstly you need to decide on the type of car you want to drive. It can be a sedan, a sports car for the adventurous ones, a SUV or a truck for the practical ones. What you must know is that the type of car influences many other features like the engine capacity, type of chassis or aerodynamics.

The next step is the engine design and I know for sure that you want to get this right. If you chose a good size car you should keep in mind that the volume of the engine will be proportional with the size of the vehicle. You can also pick a diesel or a gasoline engine according to your needs. The engine will also influence some other features like the air conditioners, sound and DVD player and of course the engine capacity, so decide wisely and don’t forget the gear box. If you are interested in environment and want to keep it safe for your children you should take into consideration the eco-friendly options: fuel cells, hybrid car technology.

That being said, the design of your own car goes to the third step. That involves an important structural component: the chassis. Its importance makes it a candidate for perfection. The capacity and type of engine will influence the chassis design while the design of the chassis will influence the size of the car.

Ergonomical design is the next step and it’s all about passenger seats and your comfort. The type of car is a factor in the decision, determining the number of seats, while the space design will be influenced by the chassis and the carrying capacity. So if you have a large family and plan lots of driving experiences for them pay attention to all the factors involved.

The next step, external design might be the most exciting for some. You get to pick the colors, the shapes, the lines, the bumpers, the windows. It’s all up to you to make your car look stylish, fresh and in trend.

And, last but not least, in the design of your own car are the other features. For some of us those might be the most important ones. Usually that’s why we crave for custom made cars. This category includes the technological issues and the comfort issues as well as other important details like the type of tires, the type of steering wheel, type of seats, suspension, brakes and of course the lights. It’s all up to you.

If you actually consider putting the plan in practice you should check your choices with a mechanic or an automobile engineer and also look into safety. It’s unacceptable to forget about air bags and other features that could save your life. You know that safety always comes first.

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