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Diamond is a car insurance located in the UK that offers great deals for the women in the insurance market. This insurance company is part of the Admiral Group and has recorded a rapid growth. Their policy is based on the research they made, research which states that most accidents happen because of male drivers. The situation is considered to produce uneven car insurance for women.

Those are the reasons why the Diamond car insurance company is specialized in car insurances for women who usually prefer breakdown cover, home insurance and travel insurance. It is also known that female drivers are more inclined to buy home insurance for the entire family and even if they are more cautious when it comes to driving, they never forget that safety comes first. That’s why they are willing to invest in reliable insurance services like the ones offered by the Diamond car insurance company.

Diamond car insurance company

One of the features that make the Diamond car insurance wanted by women is the free insurance for the handbag and its contents. In addition to this, the Diamond Company will provide a free car in the event of an accident as an alternative mean of transportation. Moreover, they provide temporary car insurance for the replacement car until your personal car is repaired and invest in a 24 hour helpline. This way you will never get stuck on the side of a road for hours in a row.

The Diamond car insurance also includes a free windscreen repair and a service for your sound system. Moreover, the insurance premiums can include a flexible option for your monthly payments. And if you are at least 25 years old you will be happy to know that the Diamond car insurance will also include a third party insurance if you consider driving someone else’s car from time to time.

If like all of us, you are looking for a cheaper deal, you should know that the Diamond Company offers a discount of 10% if you buy a premium insurance policy online. You can also get insurance for your motorcycle (if you own one) and even if the Diamond car insurance is destined only for women you should keep in mind that your partner can be insured on your policy, courtesy of the Diamond Company.

If you purchase the Diamond car insurance you can also choose to be part of the Diamond Club Garage Network, which is part of a huge network of independent garages in the UK and Northern Ireland.  This network will have your car repaired in no time and they will do all the work just by consulting with Diamond headquarters. The problem will no longer be your personal worry and it will be dealt with in a professional way.

The insurance will also cover your child’s accessories, car seat and buggies, the package offering you all the safety measures that will make your trip enjoyable. The Diamond car insurance is an insurance especially designed for women and their needs that comes at an affordable price. For that affordable price you will not only get quality benefits and services tailored at a fair price, but also some extra advantages that you will find hard to find elsewhere.

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