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The traditional method of getting car insurance involves dealing with an insurance agent that will be able to find for you that most desired compromise between the amount of coverage you need and the price you are willing to pay. With direct car insurance, the goal is to eliminate the agent and decrease the cost involved.

The most common way you can benefit from direct car insurance is by being willing to shop online for car insurance. Many insurance companies offer their clients the possibility to get direct car insurance quotes online and get an idea of what’s available. Although this is a new approach when it comes to car insurance and provides great results, the traditional insurance brokers shouldn’t be forgotten either. They can still offer great rates even compared to the ones provided by direct car insurance. That’s why you should consider both methods before making a final decision.

To find a cheap direct car insurance quote you will just have to exactly know what your car is worth and what amount of coverage you are comfortable with. You should pay attention to the types of coverage included in the policy, because although direct car insurance can prove to be cheap, the quality might not be what you desire. But also keep in mind that the coverage you’re getting is the same as the one an insurance broker would be able to offer. That’s because any insurance company that wants to stay on the market is required by law to offer the same amount of coverage and the same promptitude in responding to claims to any driver.

Another aspect that worries many of those who think about purchasing direct car insurance is the claims process. Some think that the insurance broker will act as an intermediate and help them file their claim. In reality, there is a customer service center that deals with all the claims, therefore the insurance agent is not involved in the process unless you specifically request him that. But what you should know is that he has no responsibility in your claims process and the only way to have your car repaired at an approved shop is by having your claim processed. By buying direct car insurance you will have to undergo the same process. The only difference might be the lower price.

The main advantage of this option is the fact that you won’t have an insurance broker pressuring you into making a decision or choose a certain type of coverage you would otherwise find useless. It’s sometimes wiser to look for first-hand information. You will also avoid paying the services of an independent agent that most of the time it’s just trying to convince you to buy a more expensive policy that will bring him profit. In addition, car insurance companies have been trying to make your online shopping for car insurance as easy as possible. They offer free quotes and even online calculators that help you compute an accurate insurance rate. They want to assure you the figures are right.

What you can usually be sure of about direct car insurance is that you will be offered a significant discount if you buy it online. The amount of discount can go up to 14% of the total cost and that’s a lot if you are working on a tight budget. In addition, if you don’t have the time necessary to wander around and spend your time talking to an agent you can even submit all the documents online by scanning them and receive the proof of insurance on your e-mail.

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