Dodge Viper owner shows off on highway, crashes into back of van |

Ah yes, you just gotta love the guys who flaunt their performance cars on the roads us mere mortals dare to walk or drive on. This is especially true when you’re dealing with rookie drivers or those who can’t even control the power that their vehicle possesses.

Such is the case with the guy in this video, who took his Dodge Viper GTS for a spin on a highway in Chile. After getting angry at two truck drivers who didn’t let him pass, he stomped on the gas on a free lane and thought that he is teaching them a lesson.

Sadly, the Viper’s acceleration was too much, and coupled with the fact that the traffic was backed up in that particular lane, made the driver plow his vehicle into the back of a van. The action is right at the end of the video, but it is definitely worth it. Enjoy!

Source: WreckedExotics

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