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Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR

It was only a few weeks ago when Dodge brought its now defunct 2010 Viper SRT10 ACR to the Nurburgring where it managed to do a very fast lap. On August 31 the Japanese automaker Lexus took its LFA Nurburgring Edition and did a lap in 7:14.64 which at that time was the fourth fastest car on the ‘Ring, after the Radical SR8 LM that did a lap in 6:48, the Radical SR8 in 6:55 and the Gumpert Apollo Sport who managed to finish a lap in 7:11.57.

On September 14th Dodge decided to give it another try and they got two 2010 Viper ACR’s from the showroom floors of the Tomball Dodge team. Compared to the 2008MY which back in 2008 did its fastest lap in 7:22.10 (fifth fastest production car at that moment), the 2010MY had a shorter fifth gear ratio that improved high-speed acceleration as well as higher straightaway speeds, along with other modifications on the aero parts.

Behind the wheel of the 600-hp Viper SRT10 ACR was GT driver Dominik Farnbacher who did a lap of the ‘Ring in 7:12.13, which is more than 2 seconds quicker than the aforementioned Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition, placing the Viper on the fourth position in the production car category.

Source: Dodge via Carscoop

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On Friday, Dodge posted a short video on their YouTube channel with the description “What happens when you put a Viper engine into a Chrysler 300C?”. The video shows a Chrysler 300C powered by the V10 engine from the Dodge Viper taking a parking lot lap. Everybody was immediately excited, because a 600 hp 300C looks and sounds pretty goddamn (Samuel L. Jackson ftw!) good. Unfortunately, that’s all the info we have so far, so we have no clue if this is a custom made car, a show car for the upcoming SEMA or if Chrysler is actually considering building this. But stay tuned, because once we’ll find out, you’ll be the first to know.

Enjoy the video after the jump! (more…)

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Chrysler held a special dealer meeting behind closed doors a few days ago, where it revealed a lot of new models and refreshed existing ones. We’ve already seen the 2011 Town & Country, the 2011 Jeep Patriot as well as been teased with the promise of a 2011 Chrysler 200 sedan that will wipe the Sebring from existence.

But according to an inside sources, cited by the Wall Street Journal, dealers were also showcased one very special model, the 2012 Dodge Viper.

As you all know, the existing supercar has been axed from production, and will return at the end of next year as an all-new model.

According to the WSJ report, the car shown was a radical departure from the current Viper design, going for a more upmarket look. It will retain some of its flamboyance, as it was reportedly painted in 25 layers of red to make it stand out.

Other specific details aren’t known just yet, but expect it to retain the formula that made its predecessor such a huge success.


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The last Dodge Viper supercar has just rolled off the assembly line, marking the end of the car’s impressive life.

As you can imagine, Dodge didn’t miss the opportunity for some marketing, and revealed the last model’s … intriguing customization options.

As you can see above, the model boasts a bronzed gold base paint, coupled with copper stripes.

The last Viper was commissioned by D’Ann Rauh (standing above with Dodge CEO Ralph Giles), who, together with her husband, Wayne Rauh, own the largest private collection of Dodge Viper models, composed of more than 40 such supercars.

Custom leatherwork is also features on the inside, while the exterior also enjoys a set of forged aluminum wheels.

In case you don’t remember, the 2010 Dodge Viper marks the end of the model, which will see a replacement added around 2012.


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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is being hailed as one of the most important supercar in recent times, combining cutting edge technology from Mercedes-Benz with massive power from its AMG division.

According to a report from Inside Line though, a lot of the credit should go to the Dodge Viper team, as it seems that the SLS AMG started life as a Viper replacement project at Chrysler’s Dodge.

It seems that a few years ago, the Dodge team knew a next generation Viper must be developed, so work had already started on an aluminum chassis and a new suspension system. Seeing as how Daimler still owned Chrysler, the Mercedes-Benz team decided to join in, in an effort to cut the development costs for MB’s own future supercar.

After Chrysler started suffering from the impending bankruptcy, the Dodge team was pulled by company execs from the project, which was handed over to Mercedes. As you all know, afterwards, Daimler washed its hands and got rid of Chrysler, which ended up with Fiat.

Now, as the SLS AMG is winning hearts left and right, the Dodge team is back at the drawing board, with a Viper replacement slated to appear around 2012.

This is still a rumor, at the moment, but considering the corporate intrigues that happened with Daimler Chrysler, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the SLS AMG did have American origins.

What do you think? Was Daimler capable of such a strategy? Share your thoughts below.


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The Dodge Viper is one extremely impressive American supercar. Sadly, it is fast approaching the end of its lifecycle, and its replacement is still two years away.

In order to further please fans, besides the numerous special editions or dealer-exclusive limited ones, Dodge has revealed a fresh video in which it shows how the performance Dodge Viper ACR gets turned into the track-only ACR-X model.

The whole process is pretty interesting, with the team fitting various race-ready accessories like a roll cage, a special fuel tank or other upgrades. This makes the ACR-X cost half as much as the dedicated Viper Competition Coupe, which is built from the ground up as a race car.

Hit the jump to check out this video.

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Dodge is preparing to end the lifecycle of its popular supercar, the Viper. We’ve already seen an array of special editions, from the 2010 Dodge Viper Final Edition to the SRT10 and special ACR editions.

Now, the company has decided to offer something a bit more special to the dealerships that have sold the most Vipers. As such, three special editions have been unveiled.

The first, is the yellow with black stripes Viper SRT10 ACR Roadster, made for Woodhouse Dodge of Blair, Nebraska. Second is the black with green stripes Reverse SRT10 ACR, made for the Tomball Dodge of Texas. Last but not least, the Black SRT10 Coupe, with black and purple stripes, goes to Roanoke Dodge of Roanoke, Illinois.

Only 50 models will be made in total, all of them equipped with the massive 8.3-liter V10 engine. If you fancy one of them, then you’d better get moving one of the aforementioned dealerships fast.


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Even though it didn’t achieve record sales, Daimler’s Maybach luxury brand really got the media talking with the stunning Exelero concept model (pictured above), commissioned by tire manufacturer Fulda.

Only one was made, so when it came to auctioning it off, it fetched around $8 million, presumably from an African diamond tycoon.

Now, for those who were bummed about not getting their hands on a Maybach coupe and who don’t want to order Xenatech’s 57S coupe version, are in luck. A company in Switzerland is now offering to create replica Maybach Exelero models, based on the Dodge Viper sportscar, of all things.

It will be powered by an 800HP turbocharged 8.3-liter V10 engine and boast 23-inch wheels. Interior and exterior options can be catered to the customer’s desire, but the starting price is around $680,000 (€550,000, to be exact). Interested in the offer? Then check out the official ad on JamesList.


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The Dodge Viper showcased that even American companies can attack the supercar segment and succeed. Sadly, the snake’s swan song is approaching rapidly, with the production of the Viper, as we know it, set to end this summer.

Until then, Dodge has announced the supercar will go out with a bang, and detailed the 2010 Viper Final Edition models, based on the coupe, roadster and ACR. Only 50 cars will be made, all based on the top-of-the-line SRT10 spec, meaning 600 HP and 560 lb-ft of torque. The number will be divided as such: 20 Coupes, 18 Roadsters and 12 ACRs.

The Final Edition cars will boast a Graphite Clear Coat, with a black center stripe, outlined by red strips. A black windshield surround will grace the hard top models. The Coupe and Roadster will sit on six-spoke wheels, as opposed to the ACR, which touches the ground with Sidewinder ones.

As you can imagine, badges are going to be applied liberally on the inside. Besides that, red accent stitching on black surfaces, while red halo surrounds will decorate the gauge cluster. A numbered plaque will round off the interior, and remind you of your special Viper.

No pricing details were given, but if you want to own a piece of American supercar history, you’d better act fast.


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It really seems like Dodge is pulling out all the stops to make sure that its performance model, the Viper, will get a proper good bye once its lifecycle ends in 2010. Besides the revamped 2010 stock model, and the two special editions of the track-oriented ACR edition, the ACR 1:33 and the Voodoo ACR, the company will also launch a special turn-key racer, the ACR-X.

The new model is especially made for the track, and is powered by a 8.4-liter V10, which was heavily modified and produces 640 HP, 40 horses more than the standard ACR. Multiple modifications like a roll cage, improved aerodynamics and track suspension have been added, not to mention its weight, which was cut by 160 pounds.

The model will cost $110,000, and will be showcased in the Dodge Viper spec racing series, which will debut in July, 2010. Check out a video of the ACR-X’s after the jump.

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I’m sure most Dodge Viper fans are aware that 2010 will be the last year the famous car will be made, but Dodge will certainly honor its snake with the best editions manufactured. At the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show, the company revealed both the 2010 Viper SRT10 and two new special editions of the high performance ACR version, the ACR 1:33 and the Voodoo ACR.

Starting with the regular edition, the new SRT10 will feature two new exterior paint jobs: Toxic Orange Pearl Coat and Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat, as well as a shorter fifth gear ration, which improves the top speed. The “regular” ACR will also receive a new short-throw shifter, as well as aerodynamic tweaks to the rear wing, boosting its downforce and the top speed of 184 mph.

Onward to the special editions, as you might have guessed, the Dodge Viper ACR 1:33 is dedicated to the record lap the model achieved at the famous Laguna Seca racing circuit, and will feature a unique two-tone Black and Red Clear Coats (that’s the opposite of the regular Viper ACR of Red and Black), as well as piano black console bezels and red gauge highlights. The Voodoo ACR will sport a Black Clear Coat paint scheme with a single Graphite stripe, featuring a red ouline. Only 10 such cars will be made, so you’ll have to hurry.

Overall, the 2010 Dodge Viper is set to go out with a bang and will most definitely be missed by many fans. Hopefully the future performance Dodge car (with input from Ferrari) will successfully replace the old snake.


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Dodge Viper fans are quite happy these days as the upcoming 2010 Viper ACR set a new lap record on the famous Laguna Seca racing circuit and it seems that the iconic model will go out with a bang next year, when production is planned to reach an end.

As for the future performance Dodge model, things were quite silent, but the more optimistic fans were eager to see just how Chrysler’s Dodge will collaborate with Fiat’s Ferrari, seeing as how the Italians know “a thing or two” about supercars.

But Dodge brand chief Ralph Giles has quickly burst that bubble, saying that the Ferrari will only be limited to consulting and offering its advice on the future performance car from Dodge, and no components, platforms or engines will be swapped between the two brands, now joint together by the Chrysler-Fiat partnership.

There you have it Viper fans, your beloved model won’t see an Italian revamp in the future.


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Most people don’t usually care about racing circuits, instead focusing on the cars that are on them. But true enthusiasts know that if a track is designed properly, it can amplify the feats of both the cars and the drivers which handle them.

One such track is Laguna Seca in the USA, which has offered some unique thrills to anyone thanks to its sharp corners and demanding sections. That is why Dodge chose this track to prove the skills of the 2010 Viper ACR performance model, which is faster, accelerates better and even sticks more firmly to the road thanks to some aerodynamic adjustments, than the 2009 model.

The result? The 2010 Dodge Viper ACR has broken the lap record of Laguna Seca, which was set by a Devon GTX, also powered by a Viper engine. The new ACR, and sadly one of the last ones to appear for the brand, traveled the Laguna Seca circuit in just 1:33.944. In honor of this feat, Dodge was quick to announce that a commemorative Laguna Seca edition of the Viper ACR will appear soon.

You can check out the record-breaking lap, complete with commentary from Chris Winkler, the Dodge test driver which wrangled the Viper on the track, after the jump. Enjoy!


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After much debate, rumors and speculations, Chrysler’s CEO of the Dodge brand, Ralph Gilles, revealed yesterday that the Viper sports car will see 500 more models made, which will be the most “special” Vipers ever.

He also said that the production of the model will end in July 2010, so as to not depreciate the value of the models already sold to fans all around the world. No details were given on how special the last batch of cars will be, but here’s hoping it will go out with a bang.

But before you mourn the passing of the iconic model, rest assured that a replacement will arrive, as Gilles revealed that a new car will appear in 2012, with the help of Chrysler’s newest partner, Fiat. And in case you’ve forgotten, Fiat owns a very prestigious Maranello-based supercar maker (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Does this mean American customers will be getting an Italian-flavored supercar under the Dodge name? Until 2012, let the speculations begin.


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Ah yes, you just gotta love the guys who flaunt their performance cars on the roads us mere mortals dare to walk or drive on. This is especially true when you’re dealing with rookie drivers or those who can’t even control the power that their vehicle possesses.

Such is the case with the guy in this video, who took his Dodge Viper GTS for a spin on a highway in Chile. After getting angry at two truck drivers who didn’t let him pass, he stomped on the gas on a free lane and thought that he is teaching them a lesson.

Sadly, the Viper’s acceleration was too much, and coupled with the fact that the traffic was backed up in that particular lane, made the driver plow his vehicle into the back of a van. The action is right at the end of the video, but it is definitely worth it. Enjoy!


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