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The 2011 edition of the Dorset Vintage and Classic car auction was a successful event which displayed a large variety of classic cars, motorcycles and commercials which were gathered from all across the UK and other countries of the European continent.

The 1959 Jaguar XK150 SE Fixed Head Coupe was one of the stars of the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction. The car has been restored to its original shape and was estimated at a price of £50,000. In the end, the car convinced its owner to pay £48,950. Another incredible classic car displayed was a 1959 MGA Fixed Head Coupe equipped with an 1800cc engine and a five speed gearbox. This British sports car was expected to bring a maximum price of £16,000 and it came close being sold for £15,125.

The 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction also displayed some Mercedes models. The 1968 Mercedes 250SL was the one which impressed the audience the most. The bidding for this car started at £20,000 and went up. That is the result of its incredible style and elegance, being available with a Padoga Hardtop.

Vintage vehicles were also part of the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction. Therefore, the vintage enthusiasts had the opportunity to see and buy an incredible vintage selection including a 1935 Rover 12 Sports Saloon estimated at £12,500, a 1933 MG J2 Midget available for a maximum estimated price of £23,000 which convinced its new owner to pay £27,610 and became the perfect gift for the owner’s wife and a 1936 Alvis Silver Eagle SG 16.95 sold for no more and no less than £18,000.

For the commercial enthusiasts, the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction prepared some incredible surprises including a 1969 Bedford CA Mk 2 LWB van estimated at a maximum price of £6,750 (the result of the bid was a price of £7,040 which established a new world record price), a 1960 Ford Thames 400E pick-up truck with an estimated price of £9,000 (sold in the end for £6,490) and two incredible Morris Minor Vans manufactured in 1971. Other commercials auctioned during this incredible car auction were the 1966 Ford Transit Tipper Transporter which is able to transport a classic car (the estimated maximum price was of £4,500) and a fully restored 1960 Austin A60 pick-up truck estimated at £5,500.

Also auctioned were some motorcycles models that completed the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction picture and included a BSA Bantam D1 and a 1960 Alvis TD21 Saloon estimated at £5,500 (older generations). The 1971 Triumph TR6, the 1966 Alfa Romeo GTV6 and the 1987 Audi Quattro UR were also auctioned and are considered more recent classic cars. I cannot forget about the 1964 Morris Minor Traveller expected to sell for a maximum price of £6,750 and some different MG models.

And this was just the Spring Sale of the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction! There are even more surprises to come. So, if you didn’t have the opportunity to be part of this first Dorset Vintage car auction you should definitely go to their next event scheduled for June 2011. Some of the surprises of this next event have already been unveiled, so with the intention of making you interested in the Summer Sale event I will offer you two examples of amazing classic cars that will be auctioned at this other 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction. We have the Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk III Sports Saloon and the incredible 1923 Vauxhall 14/40 Princeton Tourer. What more can I say? I hope you will take my advice and you will have a fun filled day!

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